Auxiliary Police

The purpose and objective of The Lorain Police Auxiliary is to supplement the Lorain Police Department in the performance of certain duties as determined by the Director of Public Safety and the Chief of the Lorain Police Department.  These are some of the areas where the Auxiliary are currently assisting:

  • City parks and swimming pools
  • Special events such as parades, festivals and marathons
  • The school system during athletic events and school zone traffic control.
  • A road patrol to support the regular officers
  • Respond to emergencies to assist in traffic control and other areas
  • Special assignments as needed.

Auxiliary Police Requirements

The Lorain Police Department is accepting applications for the position of Auxiliary Officers. Individuals are encouraged to apply who have a desire to assist the Police Department and have an interest in police work.

Auxiliary officers must volunteer a minimum of 144 hours per year.  They may be called out at a moment’s notice, however, they respond based upon their availability. In 2002 the Auxiliary Police volunteered approximately 18,000 hours in support of the Lorain Police Department.

Applicants must possess a strong desire to serve the community. Prospective applicants must meet the following:

  1. At least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or with special permission of the Safety/Service Director a G.E.D.
  2. Physically fit.
  3. Pass a background check.
  4. Possess a valid driver’s license.

Interested individuals should contact Auxiliary Chief Malick at (440) 203-2590.  Additionally, please download and complete the following LORAIN POLICE AUXILIARY APPLICATION.