Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division has primary responsibility for the investigation of serious crimes, recovery of stolen property, preparation and presentation of cases for the Lorain County Prosecutor’s Office; conducting at-scene investigations and crime scene processing; and instituting investigations on criminal activities.  The division is comprised of the Crimes Against Persons Unit and the Property Crimes Unit.

The Crimes Against Persons Unit investigates major felony crimes, crimes involving incidents of family violence (traditional domestic violence and child abuse/neglect cases), sex offenses, and missing persons.

The Property Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating cases that are, or may be felonies, such as crimes involving identity thefts, consumer fraud, business fraud, fraud, theft and illegally trafficking in firearms. The Property Crimes Bureau is also responsible for computer related crimes, examinations of computers, computer systems, and computer media. The Property Crime Unit also investigates and recovers stolen property.

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