Divisions and Special Units

The City of Lorain Police Department is comprised of several different divisions and special units. Each division/special unit is responsible for critical roles within the department as the relate to the safety and security of the City of Lorain.

  • Patrol Operations (Captain Michael Failing, Commander)
    • Uniform Patrol Division
    • Traffic Bureau
    • Patrol Impact Team
    • Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT Team)
    • Underwater Recovery Team
    • K9 Team
    • Hostage/Crisis Negotiations
    • Marine Patrol
    • Police Auxiliary
  • Support Services Division (Captain A.J. Mathewson, Commander)
    • Office of Professional Standards
    • Communications Center
    • Records and Information
    • Computer Technology and Equipment
    • Facility Management
  • Criminal Investigations Division (Captain Roger Watkins, Commander)
    • Narcotics and Special Investigations Bureau
    • Criminal Investigations Bureau
    • Evidence Custodian