(a)     Alarm dealer shall not:      
(1)   Employ any person to sell, install or service an alarm system as outlined in the Ohio Building Code or otherwise act as an alarm agent unless such person has a valid certification as issued by the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of State Fire Marshal.      
(2)   Contract for monitoring of an alarm system with any person or company not holding an alarm dealer permit.   
(b)     Alarm dealers shall provide to the City of Lorain in format approved by the section:      
(1)   Information on new installations and customers as they occur.      
(2)   Any new monitor customer information by the end of the last business day of each month.      
(3)   Any deletion on monitor customers listing by the end of the last business day of each month.   
(c)     Alarm dealers shall list each company that monitors its alarms.  This list shall be used when the monitoring company request service from the City of Lorain Police or Fire Departments.  If there are changes to monitoring company list, the City of Lorain shall be notified within seven (7) days of such change.      
(1)   This list shall be provided to the City of Lorain when the alarm dealer permit is issued.   
(d)   Alarm dealers shall also conform to all city codes including but not limited to building and codes, as well as all state and federal laws applicable thereto.(Ord. 46-19.  Passed 4-5-19.)