705.06 Installation and annual service fees.

(a)    There shall be due at the time of installation of the aforesaid alarm system, a connection and installation fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) paid to the City of Lorain by the Alarm Installation Company.   
(b)   Each Alarm Registration application must include the following information:      
(1)   The name, complete address (including apt/suite number), and telephone numbers of the Person who will be the registration holder and be responsible for the proper maintenance and operation of the Alarm System and payment of fees assessed under this article;      
(2)   The classification of the Alarm Site as either residential (includes apartment, condo, mobile home, etc.) or commercial;      
(3)   For each Alarm System located at the Alarm Site, the classification of the Alarm System (i.e. burglary, Holdup, Duress, Panic Alarms or other) and for each classification whether such alarm is audible or silent;      
(4)   Mailing address, if different from the address of the Alarm Site;      
(5)   Any dangerous or special conditions present at the Alarm Site;      
(6)   Names and telephone numbers of at least two individuals who are able and have agreed to: 
(a) receive notification of an Alarm System activation at any time;
(b) respond to the Alarm Site within twenty (20) minutes at any time; and
(c) upon request can grant access to the Alarm Site and deactivate the Alarm System if necessary;      
(7)   Type of business conducted at a commercial Alarm Site;      
(8)   Signed certification from the Alarm User stating the following:         
A.   The date of installation, Conversion or Takeover of the Alarm System, whichever is applicable;         
B.   The name, address, and telephone number of the Alarm Installation Company or companies performing the Alarm System installation, Conversion or Takeover and of the Alarm Installation Company responsible for providing repair service to the Alarm System;         
C.   The name, address, and telephone number of the Monitoring Company if different from the Alarm Installation Company;         
D.   That a set of written operating instructions for the Alarm System, including written guidelines on how to avoid False Alarms, have been left with the applicant by the Alarm Installation Company; and         
E.   That the Alarm Installation Company has trained the applicant in proper use of the Alarm System, including instructions on how to avoid False Alarms.      
(9)   That law enforcement response may be influenced by factors including, but not limited to the availability of police units, priority of calls, weather conditions, traffic conditions, emergency conditions, staffing levels, etc.   
(c)   Any false statement of a material fact made by an applicant for the purpose of obtaining an Alarm Registration shall be sufficient cause for refusal to issue a registration.   
(d)   An Alarm Registration cannot be transferred to another Person or Alarm Site.  An Alarm Installation/Monitoring Company shall inform the Lorain Police Department of any change that alters any of the information listed on the Alarm Registration application within thirty (30) business days of such change.   
(e)   All fines and fees owed by an applicant must be paid before an Alarm Registration may be issued or renewed.(Ord. 46-19.  Passed 4-5-19.)