Scammer Claiming to be Country Music Superstar Wants iTunes Gift Cards

Scammer Claiming to be Country Music Superstar Wants iTunes Gift Cards

By In Scam Alerts On March 6, 2018

On March 5, 2018, we received a complaint from a citizen who was scammed by a suspect who claimed to be Toby Keith on Twitter. The victim made posts on the social media platform regarding some financial trouble he was having. A suspect pretending to be Toby Keith replied to his tweets and gave the victim a phone number to text. In the text messages, the fraudster claimed he would help the victim pay off his credit cards. The victim provided the suspect with his credit card account information and soon found that “deposits” had been made to pay off his credit cards. In exchange, the suspect convinced the victim to repay him with $500 in iTunes gift cards.

After a few days, the victim found that the “deposits” which paid off his credit cards were revoked and his original balances were still outstanding. He then realized that he was scammed.

As always, we remind our citizens that when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Do not divulge your personal financial details to anonymous persons on the internet. And do not trust anyone who demands payment in gift cards. Scammers demand payment in some form of gift card in the majority of scam cases via the internet or telephone that are reported to our department.

As with most of these complaints, the victim in this case was a senior citizen. Please take the time to talk to your elderly friends, neighbors, and relatives who are not internet savvy and warn them of this trend.