Fraudulent Auto Sale Listing on Facebook/eBay

Fraudulent Auto Sale Listing on Facebook/eBay

By In Scam Alerts On March 16, 2017

On March 10, 2017, a resident reported that she was scammed out of $2,300 when she attempted to purchase a car online.  The victim found a car for sale listed on a “Facebook Garage Sales” page.  The seller claimed to be in the military in Billings, Montana but that her car was with another person in Oklahoma from which it would ship.

The seller directed the buyer to an eBay auto posting which instructed her to send a $2,300 Moneygram through Walmart to purchase the vehicle.  The victim complied but never received the car.  She then contacted eBay and learned that the eBay auto posting she was directed to was not a legitimate eBay posting.

This scam uses the same fraudulent tactics as a report we received on March 12, 2017 (SEE THIS LINK).  In that incident, the victim found a car for sale on Craigslist but was redirected by the scammer to a fake eBay auto listing.  She was then instructed to send Walmart gift cards as payment.  Also similar to this incident, the March 12 incident had inconsistent information regarding the location of the vehicle for sale.  The fraudster first claimed the vehicle was in Lorain but claimed it was actually in Nebraska.

These tactics are often used by online scammers.  They both used unorthodox social networking advertisement to direct victims to fraudulent eBay auto listings.  They both claimed the fraudulent vehicle for sale were in inconsistent locations.  They both demanded unorthodox forms of payment be sent from Walmart stores.

As always, be wary of online transactions that just don’t make sense.  Use verified, secured forms of payment with buyer protection clauses when making online purchases.