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Refuse in Roadway Presents Hazard to Riders

We received a request from a citizen’s group to draw your attention to a matter of public safety that affects motorcycle riders.  As motorcycle riding season is in full effect, riders are concerned of a potential roadway hazard that the[...]

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Scammer Claims to be from Phone Company – Demands Gift Card Payment

On 8/9/2017, a resident reported falling victim to a phone scam in which the caller fraudulently claimed to be from CenturtyTel.  The caller, who was NOT actually from CenturyTel, advised the victim that due to trouble they detected with the[...]

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Lorain Police Hiring Police Officers

The Lorain Police Department is hiring Police Patrolman.  The salary range for this position is from $37,033 a year (while in the police academy) to $54,488 a year (after three years).  See the full job announcement at the City of[...]

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Lorain Police Hiring Detention Officers

The Lorain Police Department is hiring Detention/Correction Officers.  The salary range for this position is from $14.92 to $17.22 / hour.  See the full job announcement at the City of Lorain webpage for the full details of this position: http://www.cityoflorain.org/files/jobs/files/DOCOann17.pdf[...]

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Public Records Fees

EFFECTIVE 7/1/2017 In compliance with the City of Lorain Public Records Polcy, begiinning July 1, 2017 those seeking public records will be charged only the actual cost of making copies. Section 3.1  The charge for paper copies is 5 cents[...]

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Fraudulent Auto Sale Listing on Facebook/eBay

On March 10, 2017, a resident reported that she was scammed out of $2,300 when she attempted to purchase a car online.  The victim found a car for sale listed on a “Facebook Garage Sales” page.  The seller claimed to[...]

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Walmart Gift Card As Payment for Ebay/Craigslist Posting

On March 12, 2017, we received a complaint from a citizen who fell prey to a fraudulent auto sale listing.  The victim found a 2004 Acura MDX for sale on Craigslist. The posting advertised that the vehicle was for sale[...]

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Publishers Clearing House Scam

On December 11, 2016, a citizen reported that she fell victim to a scam in which the suspects claimed that she won both the Publishers Clearing House and Reader’s Digest sweepstakes.  Multiple callers called her on multiple times and advised[...]

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