Aggressive Door To Door Magazine Sales

Aggressive Door To Door Magazine Sales

By In Scam Alerts On August 24, 2016

On Tuesday, August 23, 2016, we received a complaint from residents of an aggressive door-to-door magazine salesperson in the area of Mallard Creek Run and Oak Point Road. The suspect claimed to be selling magazines and reportedly aggressively demanded that residents give him their financial information.  When residents refused, the suspect reportedly repeatedly attempted to gain this information from them.  He had no identification when residents asked to see it.

Our officers responded to the area and located the suspect, identified as Marquise Glen.  Glen claimed to be from California and a representative from Entrepreneurs Sales, LLC.  He had no identification and no permit from the City of Lorain to conduct door-to-door residential sales.  He claimed to have been dropped off by an Uber driver to work the area.

He was arrested for violating section 743 of Lorain City Ordinance.

Marquise Glen

Marquise Glen

There are numerous known issues with fraudulent door-to-door home solicitations.  HERE IS AN NBCNEWS REPORT from 2009 about the problem.  Quite often, out of area door-to-door solicitors engage in questionable business practices in residential neighborhoods with the goal of obtaining financial information from residents.  They then use such information to charge for services that are never provided.

We would like to remind our residents that they should not divulge their personal or financial information to unverified sources and businesses.  A person with unlawful intentions can fraudulently use your credit card or banking information if you turn it over to them.  Personal checks from banks contain all the information a criminal needs to drain your bank account.  Each check has your bank’s routing number, your account number, and your name and address on it.  Criminals can use this data to charge goods and services to your bank account above and beyond the amount of the check you hand over to them.

Like most other cities, the City of Lorain has ordinances in place that require all door-to-door solicitors to have a permit to conduct business in residential areas.  This process requires each person who wishes to solicit to undergo a basic  background check to ensure that, among other things, they have no convictions for theft, dishonesty, or violent offenses which would make them less trustworthy to conduct business in your neighborhood.  It is a simple process that they all must comply with.

The door-to-door solicitation companies that seek to defraud you intentionally ignore the requirement to obtain a permit.  They do not want to alert the city that they are operating in the area.  They seek to make as many “sales” as possible before the police and residents are alerted to their presence.  They also hire personnel who may not pass the very basic background check requirements; these salespersons often have convictions for theft, dishonesty or other related offenses that would prevent them from getting a permit.

  • If they do not have a permit, they are not authorized to knock on your door to try and sell you anything, ask for donations, etc.
  • You have the right to demand to see their permit from the City of Lorain.  If they don’t provide one, they are in violation of our ordinances.
  • If you post a  sign on or near your front door that reads “NO SOLICITORS INVITED” (or anything similar to that) and they knock on your door, they are in violation of our ordinances.
  • If you ask them to leave and they don’t, they are in violation of our ordinances.
  • They can only solicit between the hours of 9AM and 9PM.

Any violation of the above listed guidelines is an arrestable offense in accordance with section 743 of Lorain City Ordinance.

Protect yourself.  Do not give your financial information to unverified sources.  Do not accept their stories as truth.  Do not invite them into your home and do not give in to high pressure tactics.

Residents who are contacted by suspicious persons who violate the above mentioned requirements are encouraged to contact the Lorain Police Department at (440) 204-2100.  Be sure to provide the best description of the suspicious person, what they are wearing, any vehicles they are associated with, and what direction you saw them leave.


DISCLAIMER:  We share public information to keep our community informed and aware of activities taking place both within the City of Lorain and the Lorain Police Department.  Though our officers rely on probable cause to make an arrest, those arrested are presumed innocent until otherwise determined by a court of law.