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$ 2,000 REWARD - Mario Whitfield Homicide Please call Detective Chris Kovach at (440) 204-2168 for information on this homicide.
$ 2000 REWARD - Darmis Crawford Homicide Please call Captain Roger Watkins at 440-204-2105 with any information regarding this homicide.
311 Non-Emergency Lorain Police Number Dial 311 from any landline Centurytel phone to be connected directly to our Police Dispatchers
Commend/Complaint If you would like to commend an officer/employee, or if you have a complaint, please call our Office of Professional Standards at 440-204-2116.
Drug Tip Line Drug Tip Line: 440-204-2108
Information on Recent Homicides To provide information on recent homicides or shootings, call Detectives at 440-204-2105.
PUBLIC SAFETY WARNING 21 Overdoses & 3 deaths in 48 hours involving dangerous narcotic being sold as heroin.
Report an Emergency Report an emergency or crime in progress, dial 9-1-1.
Report Non-Emergency To report non-emergency situations or crimes that are not in progress, dial 440-204-2100, or if calling within the City of Lorain on a landline phone, dial 3-1-1
Unsolved Homicide Reward being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the shooting deaths of two Lorain teenagers, as well as the city's other unsolved homicides.

Common Questions

Common Questions

The Lorain Police Department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The Record Room opens on a continual basis. Normal operating hours for the Investigative Bureau, Traffic Bureau, and Chief's Office are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Copies of Police Reports
Copies of police reports are available free of charge. Reports may be picked up at the Record Room or they can be mailed out or faxed to you. Requests for copies of reports can be faxed to (440) 204-2541. Investigative reports are not permitted to be released. You must allow 24 hours after an incident/accident is reported before you can obtain a copy of a police report.  Accident reports are available now on our website.  Please go to section  "Accident Reports On Line".

Vehicle Release
If for some reason you have had your vehicle towed, you must obtain a vehicle release. This can be picked up at the Record Room. You will need to be sure the vehicle is currently registered and have either the registration or title with you. The Lorain Police Department currently utilizes two towing companies: Ernie's (288-3567) 2600 Colorado Ave., and Fritz's (277-8172) 1845 E. 28th St.

Citizen Fingerprinting
Civilian fingerprinting is handled by the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office. Please contact their Record Room (329-3703) for exact hours and times available.

Bicycle Licenses
Bicycle licenses are available through the City Auditor's Office. They may be contacted at 204-2090. Their office hours are 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

Jail Visitation
Prisoner visitation is on Fridays, from 7-9 PM

 Record Checks
A citizen requesting a record check for employment purposes must bring in a form from his employer; a release form may be required. This service is also done free of charge.

Traffic Citations
Fees for traffic citations must be paid in the Clerk of Courts Office, located on the 2nd floor of Lorain City Hall. Their business hours are 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. The Police Department will only accept payment of traffic citations when the Clerk's Office is closed.

Uniform Waiver Schedule of Lorain Municipal Court:

Traffic | Watercraft | Natural Resources | Parking | Lorain County Park

If you are charged with an offense(s) other than those listed on the back of your ticket, you may, within seven days after the day you receive the ticket, plead guilty to the offense charged and dispose of the case without court appearance by:

(1) appearing personally at the violations bureau, signing the waiver printed on the lower back of your ticket and paying the fines and costs (payment is accepted in cash, personal check, money order or credit card) or

(2) signing the waiver printed on the lower back of your ticket and mailing it and a money order or personal check for the total of the fine and costs to the Clerk of Court at the following address:

Lorain Municipal Court
Clerk of Court
200 West Erie Avenue
Second Floor
Lorain, Ohio 44052; or

(3) paying on line using the E-Payment for waivers and fines button on the left side of the screen in the menu options. Payment will be recorded the next business day, Monday through Friday, except holidays. There is a $4.00 credit card fee added for this convenience.

You may waive a traffic ticket provided that:

A There is only two (2) moving violation, except an additional charge of Seatbelt;
A The violation is not for a second offense for Loud Radio or Stereo.

You are required to pay the fine and costs of the violation in full at the time of the waiver. If you need to pay the fine and costs on a payment schedule you are required to appear in court on the date assigned at the time of the ticket was issued.

If you are charged with No Insurance you must provide proof of insurance, with the policy number, effective date of coverage and expiration date. The ticket you received includes a section that the officer completed which indicates whether proof of insurance was presented when you received the ticket. If the section is blank or marked No proof of insurance must be presented at the time that you are paying the waiver.If you are mailing the waiver a copy must be included with the waiver payment. These waiver amounts are effective 10/01/2008.

Lorain Municipal Court Criminal Traffic Waiver Schedule

Violation Description Cost
Seatbelt, Driver or Child Restraint $140.00
Seatbelt,Passenger $130.00
Speeding $145.00 plus $2.00 per MPH over limit
Speeding in School Zone, less than 30 MPH over limit and not over 70 MPH $145.00 plus $3.00 per MPH over limit
Speeding in School Zone, greater than 20 MPH over limit and less than 70 MPH $145.00 plus $3.00 per MPH over limit
Speeding in Construction Zone not over 70 MPH $145.00 plus $4.00 per MPH over limit
Speed Violations where rate of speed is equal to or greater than 70 Miles per Hour Not Eligible to Waive
Expired Operator's License (Expired 0 to 6 Months)** $155.00
Expired License Plates (Expired 0 to 3 Months)**
**(New License or New Registration must be presented when you appear to pay the waiver)
Excessive Noise, Stereo (First Offense Only!) $410.00
Noise Disturbance, Loud Muffler $180.00
Window Tint $180.00
Barking Dog or No Dog License $130.00
 All Other Minor Misdemeanors **
** - except for the following violations: Gross Overload Violations, Parking Violations, PUCO Violations and ODNR (Wildlife-Watercraft) Violations. A separate waiver schedule applies.


Lorain Municipal Court Watercraft Waiver Schedule

(Citations not issued by City of Lorain Law Enforcement Officers, including City of Lorain Harbor Patrol)
(Citations issued Ohio Department of Natural Resources Officers (ODNR))

Violation Description Cost
Personal Flotation device, Lanyard Switch $185.00
Flashing lights prohibited $180.00
Siren Prohibited $180.00
Child operators prohibited $203.00
Reckless Operation without injury or damage $203.00
Reckless Operation with injury no waiver permitted
Operation in Restricted Areas, no wake $188.00
Mooring prohibited in certain areas $185.00
Operating under the influence of Alcohol or drugs no waiver permitted
Incapacitated Operators Prohibited $210.00
Lawful Order, Flee and Elude no waiver permitted
Law Enforcement Vessel Right of way no waiver permitted
Water Skiing Confined to Ski Zones $188.00
Observer Required when Towing Skiers $188.00
Water skiing after dark $180.00
Life Jacket Required for Skiers $185.00
Sitting, standing, walking on moving craft prohibited $180.00
Engine warm up $180.00
Children under 10 must wear P.F.D. $185.00
Specifications for Life Preservers $203.00
Distress Signals Required $180.00
Anchor, Whistle, and Bell requirements $188.00
Specifications for Fire Extinguishers $203.00
Backfire Flame Arrestor Required $180.00
Ventilation Requirement on Powercraft $180.00
Abandonment of Vessels no waiver permitte
Abandonment of Junk Vessel and motors no waiver permitted
Exhaust Muffler Required $180.00
Watercraft Sanitary Systems Prohibited no waiver permitted
Safety Equipment on Rental Watercraft $185.00
Capacity Plate Required $180.00
Load, Occupant and Horsepower Limitations $180.00
Littering from Vessel $190.00
Rules (All Watercraft Rules Included) $190.00
Numbering of Watercraft $180.00
Display of Validation Decals for Documented Vessels $189.00
Altering of Serial Numbers, False Info no waiver permitted
Improper Handling of a Firearm on a vessel no waiver permitted
Tampering with aids to navigate, lines etc. no waiver permitted


Lorain Municipal Court Department of Natural Resources Waiver Schedule

(Citations issued Ohio Department of Natural Resources Officers (ODNR))

(Review your citation, if the charge(s) are waiverable the citation will indicate this, if a waiver is not an option the citation will reflect your requirement to appear in court)

Violation Description Cost
Fishing without a License/Failure to carry & display $150.00
Hunting without a License/Failure to carry & display $150.00
Hunting deer without a deer permit/failure to carry or display deer permit $160.00
Hunting turkey without a deer permit/failure to carry or turkey deer permit $160.00
Trapping without a trapping permit/failure to carry or display trapping permit $150.00
Fishing with more than two (2) poles $130.00
Overpossession of Walleye (Lake Erie) one (1) or two (2) $180.00
Overpossession of Walleye (Lake Erie) three (3) or greater

No Waiver Permitted,
Must Appear

Over Limit of Yellow Perch (Lake Erie) one (1) to five (5) $180.00
Over Limit of Yellow Perch (Lake Erie) five (5) to ten (10) $210.00
Over Limit of Yellow Perch (Lake Erie) More than 10

No Waiver Permitted,
Must Appear

Taking Undersized fish, any species, 1 fish $150.00
Taking Undersized fish, any species, more than 1 fish $150.00 plus $5.00 pre fish
Littering waterway and state land - Major, rubbish, trash, etc. $410.00
Littering waterway and state land - Minor, can, bottle, food wrapper, etc. $160.00
Other Hunting/Fishing Violations Call Clerk of Court Office


Lorain Municipal Court Parking Tickets

Violation Description Cost
Overparked in Limited Area $20.00
Double Parked $20.00
Parking Where Prohibited $20.00
Firelane $20.00
Fire Hydrant (Within 10 Feet) $20.00
Heading Wrong Way $20.00
Occupying Same Space (48 Hours or Abandoned Vehicle) $20.00
Parked on Street, Vehicle For Sale or Repair $20.00
Parked on Sidewalk $20.00
Tree Lawn Parking Prohibited $20.00
Blocking Any Part of Driveway $20.00
Parked Within and Intersection $20.00
Parked Within 20 Feet of Crosswalk $20.00
Parked Within 30 Feet of Stop Sign $20.00
Parked Within 50 Feet of Railroad Crossing 20.00
Parked Within 20 Feet of Fire Station $20.00
Blocking Traffic Flow in Alley $20.00
Parked on Roadway Less than 20 Feet Wide $20.00
Parked on Bridge or Subway or Approaches $20.00
Parked Near Street or Excavation Construction $20.00
Parking Across Line at Parking Space $20.00
Parking Within One Foot of Another Parked Vehicle $20.00
Commercial Vehicle Parked on City Street $20.00
More than 12 Inches from Curb $20.00
Regulate Hospital Grounds Parking $20.00
No Permit $20.00
Parking in a Designated Handicapped Parking Area without proper Handicapped Placard or Plates $260.00
The above fines will be increased to $20.00 if the fine is not paid within 72 Hours of issuance of the ticket! If you wish to plea not guilty, a Court Hearing will be scheduled and additional Court Costs will be assessed. $30.00

Lorain County Park District (Violations in Lakeview Park)

For other violations contact the Clerk of Court Office at (440) 204-2140.

Violation Description Cost
Compliance To Rules & Signs $210.00
Permits $210.00
Hours of Closing $210.00
Alcoholic Beverages Prohibition $210.00
Defacing, Damaging, Destruction of Property $210.00
Releasing Plants/Animals $210.00
Dumping $210.00
Fireworks, Firearms, Explosives, Bows, Arrows, Dangerous Weapons $210.00
Soliciting $210.00
Advertising $210.00
Compliance to Orders $210.00
Indecent Conduct $210.00
Disorderly Behavior $210.00
Dogs/Cats $210.00
Swimming.Aquatic Sporting Event $210.00
Sledding, Skiing, Skating $210.00
Purpose of Way $210.00
Closed Road $210.00
Defacement, Damaging, Destruction $210.00
Golf Requirements $210.00
Practice Golf $210.00
Camping $210.00
All Purpose, All Terrain Vehicles $210.00
Rappelling, Climbing, Throwing Objects $210.00
Use of Park Areas $210.00
Horse Riding $210.00
Aircraft, Balloon, Parachute $210.00
Powered Toys $210.00
Boating $210.00
Off Trail Use $210.00
Fires $210.00
Litter $210.00
Hunting/Fishing $210.00
Trails, Bikeway $210.00
Encroachment $210.00
Pets $210.00
Maintenance on Vehicles $210.00
Ejection $210.00